Frank & Kimberlee Spillers 

Serial entrepreneurs, Frank and Kimberlee Spillers

Serial entrepreneurs, Frank and Kimberlee Spillers

Frank is a cultural transition and rural development expert with 30 years of experience at the local, state, and federal levels as employee and business owner. As co-owner of Global Horizons training company, his passionate specialty is to advance collaborative environments in individual, business, community, and worship settings. Through a variety of specialized programs and processes, he's trained tens of thousands to raise civility, engagement, profits, retention, satisfaction, and happiness in safe, growing environments between public and private development interests.  

Kim hails from Iowa as business owner, author, editor, coach, teacher, trainer, organizer, volunteer, and speaker with a passion for people and communities to achieve their potential. She's an expert in helping communities grow when they talk through, not just about issues they face,  Her volunteer roles as member/chair of numerous local, county, and regional boards includes service on the Iowa Dental Board and staff for four congressional races, giving her broad experience and perspective. 

Other Global Horizons' expertise: deliberative dialogue, public policy creation, legislative issues, the place of at-risk students to grow rural communities, workplace civility, role of early childhood education and parenting development as crucial community infrastructure, workforce engagement, Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping and other stress-reduction techniques.

Their work is based on their book, “The Be WUCA! Way, The ART of getting along.” Services include keynotes, workshops, multi-day sessions, and long-term processes to improve community/business/organizational cultures. 


The couple have developed a program for School Districts to create a learning environment called Coaching in the Classroom,  The process reduced one schools at-risk population from 41% down to 12% in three years. CIC links student success between classroom relevance to post-graduation work and career development. They teach students techniques to identify passion, positive concepts and self-talk, and goal-setting utilized by championship athletes into the classroom to develop championship students. 


Having ownership of the Atlantic Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe during the recession, (2007-2010), Frank and Kim had to become very creative and developed the only mobile Maid-Rite unit in the United States that served 10 communities in southwest Iowa. 

Rural Development

Through part of their business, Frank and his wife, Kim, are consultants to assist rural communities and organizations. These enthusiastic, progressive economic development activities works hard to develop wealth in areas, integrate new comers, and building leadership accomplishing this through, among other methods, a process called  Community Builders. This process teaches leadership development and techniques how individuals in communities can work together to progress and solve problems through public deliberation and collaboration. The Spillers encourage and help people create businesses through entrepreneurial activity, and work to develop, expand, and welcome new businesses.

Frank and Kimberlee have served as partners in the work of the Kettering Foundation of Dayton, Ohio, the Iowa Partners in Learning, have been co-writers for local and national issue books on economic development, the achievement gap, and immigration, and Frank is a fellow for the RUPRI Center for Entrepreneurship in Lincoln, NE.

As the former executive director of Positively Iowa, a private, nonprofit organization, Frank was responsible for developing grassroots efforts to create rural policy recommendations in Iowa through a process that informed federal, state and local policy makers of policy that promotes growth in rural areas.

Education, Memberships, & Affiliations

Frank is a graduate of Chadron State College in Chadron, Nebraska, with a degree in secondary business education and psychology. He is trained in moderating, mediation, total quality management, and facilitation. In addition to his service on numerous city, county, and chamber boards during his career, Frank is president and a founding member of the Lullabye Foundation and has been a member and leader as the past chair and founder of the Iowa Early Childhood Education Network; past-chair of the Central Iowa Bible Camp; and a board member of the Iowa Assembly of Local Arts Agencies.

And so much more!

  • Instructor for Beyond Business Basics, Childcare Resource and Referral.
  • Lead staff for a 2006 congressional campaign.
  • The economic development director of Cass/Atlantic Development Corporation;
  • The director of the Office of Community Development for USDA Rural Development as the federal economic developer state-wide in Iowa;
  • The executive director of the Iowa Rural Development Council;
  • The community development coordinator between the Chamber of Commerce, the city, and the Economic Development Corporation in Gothenburg, Nebraska;
  • The western field representative for the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, working with 130 communities in the 30 counties of western Nebraska;
  • The principal and president / CEO of Temp Pro, Inc., a temporary employee service and technology training and consulting center; and
  • Owner and operator of independent and chain restaurants.


Welcome is an attitude; a choice that can be broken into different meanings. “Welcome” can mean greeting or reception, the acknowledgement or expression of goodwill, or the state of being acceptable and accepted. When welcome happens, you choose an attitude to accept who you are and control how you think and act.

Understand means to be an active listener. Active listening means you hear not just the words a person speaks, but you seek to understand the underlying message being conveyed, making the speaker feel valued. You find the “why” in what is being said.

Comfort is when you have discovered who you are and the role you play in the lives of others. You have identified your passion and purpose, have created a vision, and set goals for yourself.When you are comfortable with yourself, you live in physical well-being with low stress and peace of mind. When you are comfortable, you create the environment for others to find their passion and purpose in their lives. We are all connected and when you live your passion, others can live theirs.

Appreciate is to express gratitude! Recognize that all people in your life have value and gifts to share. Acknowledge people and appreciate who they are and what they do for you. Everybody wants to be appreciated and when you express gratitude for them, you will get back what you give.