Use Your Words to Lift People Up

Your words can heal a person. They can make a difference in how that person talks about themselves the rest of their life. With your words you can lift someone out of depression and help a person become the success that they want to become. You can be the right person for somebody else. You don’t know what is going on inside of a person but the power of a compliment or an encouraging word can keep a person from giving up on themselves or making a wrong decision.

It is so easy for people to think bad things about themselves and it is so hard for people to think good thoughts of themselves. We do this because we have been taught not to be conceited. Remember back when you were in school and you told somebody how good you were at something? They looked at you and said that you were so conceited.

We have been programmed not to tell ourselves that we are good, we are good-looking, we are smart. Every thought that goes unchallenged becomes true. It takes root as a seed and grows as you nurture it. Just like a seed that you plant, when you give thought water, it grows.

People need encouragement, they need approval. They need to know that you believe in them. They need to know that they are talented, creative, gifted, and that you appreciate them.

Thoughts become feelings, which become behaviors, which create action that become your results. In other words, people become what they think.

Thoughts produce actions. Actions produce results.

Good thoughts become good actions. Great thoughts become great actions.

Good actions create good results. Great actions create great results.

You can be the right person that comes along at the right time for someone else. How would that make you feel if there was someone that came along just at the right time for you? People are so much alike. What you would like from someone, others want from you.

You have the power to make someone feel great or terrible about themselves. Help someone create the future they wish to have. Find a person today to lift up with what you say. Be free with compliments. One compliment can change a lifetime. It truly will change the world!