Exercise in Passing a Positive Attitude

Our attitudes are what draw people to us because people want to be around other people with whom they feel great. When you have a positive attitude and look for good in all people and situations, good and happiness likely follow. Being a positive person means you are open and you see the good in everything. You naturally attract others to you because you are hopeful, optimistic, and fun and people want to have the great time in life you do! Attitude is actually a creative cycle that begins with your choice of thoughts. You do choose your thoughts and that choice is where your attitude originates. As you internalize ideas and become emotionally involved with your thoughts, you move your entire being - mind and body - into a new "vibration." Your conscious awareness of this vibration is referred to as “feeling.” Your feelings are then expressed in actions or behaviors that produce the various results in your life.

Another benefit of having a positive attitude is that positive things happen to you. When you decide you are going to be glad, glad you are. It’s a choice. You choose to be glad. When you choose glad, things happen to you that will make you feel glad.

Attitude and results are inseparable. Positive results are always the effect of a positive attitude. One is the cause, the other, the result, discussed since at least the time of Aristotle as causality, or The Law of Cause and Effect. Simply stated related to Being WUCA!, if you think in negative terms, you will get negative results; if you think in positive terms you will achieve positive, successful results. Our thought leads action and delivers our result.