Living Without Limits

Have you ever wondered what you were really capable of doing? What you would do, if you didn’t know what you couldn’t do? Our world is full of limits, some which are legal limits to give us boundaries to keep us safe. Other limits are imposed on us, sometimes by people around us, and sometimes by ourselves. Legal limits are important and are therefore not the subject of this article. However, our self-imposed limits are!

Have you ever heard someone say, “I can’t do that!” Why can’t we do more than we ever dreamed we were capable of? The reason most people can’t and don’t is because they decide they can’t and then they fulfill that destiny.

Effective leaders are visionaries. They allow themselves to see the potential and to ignore the imposed boundaries. If we lead others without limits then we allow them to think, we encourage them to express themselves so that new opportunities can be shared. We make discoveries. We grow.

Take a look at some of the most successful companies today! They are companies who had vision, who had determination and who believed in testing and trying things that pushed them beyond the limits of most people’s imagination.

So why do we have limits? We have them because we have listened to people who were programmed to listen to limits. Much of the world has historically been divided, as it is today; there are those who want to discover and those who don’t. The discoverers or leaders have paved the path to our technology and exploration.

But these people are the minority. The majority have been conformist in that they don’t want to seem greedy, they dream of having only what they absolutely need to survive, because to them it would be selfish to want for more. They are reluctant to believe in bigger goals and therefore settle when they reach the first goal, rarely striving for the 8th goal. They settle and begin to live within limits.

Living without limits is as much a mental process as it is anything. We have to believe we can achieve, which is the first hurdle. Then we have to realize that we are going to work toward that goal.

When we get stuck in limits, we may need to dream for a moment about what we want to be, and then aim so that we become that person or reach that goal.

What would you like to be?

What limits are stopping you from being the leader you need and want to be? Be careful, because this question often invokes our blame characteristic, when we are often the only person there is to blame on this issue.

I understand we all have a maximum capacity, at which we become tired and unproductive, but I also understand that if we keep working this capacity it can grow.

Today, challenge yourself to see the potential that lies within you and those you lead, instead of accepting limits.