Present a BE WUCA! Workshop

  Zero Risk!

Be WUCA! Workshop

When you partner with Global Horizons, LLC to present the Be WUCA! process, it’s teamwork and a money raiser for your cause!

We provide the workshop and your organization handles the publicity, registration, any refreshments, and meeting facilities. In return, we split the registration fees 50/50* with your organization.

Offer it to your membership, schools, communities, and businesses!


$45 per registration     $35 for a group that sends 5 or more

*call for rates for locations beyond 150 miles from our home office in Atlantic, IA

What will you gain?    GREAT ATTITUDES!


The purpose for Global Horizons, LLC, is to use big-picture visioning and passion to motivate and guide people to discover their unique talents to build the future.

When you deal with people positively, they will respond positively.

Using our proven process called Be WUCA!(c), we will teach people to create an environment to have others feel:

Welcome, Understood, Comfortable, and Appreciated

We describe how a person’s belief system is formed and the role our habits play in how we treat others.  This session is great to understand each other and to think about how we treat people on a daily basis.

This workshop will:

• Examine how positive and negative habits and beliefs are formed through all five senses.

• Define and understand paradigms/perceptions and how that affects a person’s well-being.

• Demonstrate and understand how thinking affects physical attributes of the body using applied kinesiology.

• Discover and understand differences in personalities and how to interact with them. This is a fun and visual way to deal with employees and customers!

• Create a purpose statement and define what exactly you want in all areas of your life.

• Define SMART goals. Write out specific goals in personal, business, financial, health, and recreation areas. Discover how positive affirmations affect successfully achieving goals.

• Develop the customer service approach to Be WUCA! If you would like to improve your personal and professional relationships, learn to welcome, understand, comfort, and appreciate.


Be WUCA!      Welcome          Understand           Comfortable            Appreciate


Present the Be WUCA! process. It is a great way to increase your customer satisfaction, employee morale, visitor return rate, tourism dollars, retail sales, graduation rates, teamwork, cooperation, volunteer participation, youth retention, your bottom line, and many more positive outcomes!

If you would like to improve your personal and professional relationships, learn to welcome, understand, comfort, and appreciate.

Be WUCA!(c)