How Do You Rate? Four Be WUCA! Disciplines to Put Civility in Relationships

How do you score on the Be WUCA! Test?

How can a disciplined attitude parlay itself into business success? Because, as Buddha said, “As we think, so we become." Your thoughts dictate much of life’s outcome.

You will see in this list of questions examples of a Be WUCA! mindset. Are you going into each day as a success-minded individual?

Answer these true/false questions to find out if you have a Be WUCA! mindset.

Welcome: Positive attitude

   I speak with others with a positive, excited, and confident attitude.

   I adjust my plan with optimism when unexpected events come into the picture.

   I accept the need for change in a calm, positive manner.

   I have the power to change how I feel.  

Understand: Listen actively

   I am aware of my values and honor them when I make my plans and decisions.

   I’m aware of my weaknesses, but also know how to leverage my greatest strengths.

   I am able to listen to the dreams and hopes of another without interrupting them with my own thoughts.

   I allow other people their opinion and listen and speak calmly.

   I don’t judge others.

   I am realistic in my outlook, but willing to step outside of my “comfort zone” to take some risk. Comfortable: Discover Passion, purpose, vision, goals

   When I think about my vision, I feel confident and eager to achieve it. Sometimes it feels like it has already come to fruition!

   I have a clear picture of the steps I will take to achieve my vision.

   I have confidence that I will learn from and conquer any barriers that may come into the picture.

   I consider all possible outcomes and perspectives when I create and implement my plans.

   I make sure to spend time in the activities that are most important to me.

   I take time to contribute to the success of others. Appreciate: Express gratitude

__     I wake up every morning thankful for what is going to happen during the day.

   I can convert my fearful thoughts into motivating energy and belief in myself.

   I am able to still my mind and thank my higher power for what I have on a daily basis.

   I thank the people who support and encourage my success.

   I surround myself with resources and helpful people rather than keeping everything to myself and trying to do it all alone.

   I take good care of myself by eating well, exercising, and enjoying lots of laughter!

If you answered “true” to at least 15 of these questions, you are working toward a Be WUCA! “attitude!"  If your attitude isn’t all that positive yet, you might consider making room in your plan and budget, for some workshops, reading materials, and other support resources that will teach you some tips for a happier, healthier lifestyle. You can do it, and you will be thrilled that you did! Go for it!