We are Looking for Committed Communities - Are you one of them?

Are you a rural region looking to grow your small community population and create wealth? Are you a rural region that will do whatever it takes to transition into a growth mindset? We are searching for committed small communities willing to do what it takes to grow, engage, and welcome people, their ideas, and businesses from all over the world. Here is what we are looking for:

Committed Small Community Guidelines

A region of three to six communities commits to:

 1.   Grow population and decrease area poverty.

 2.   Implementing the Small Community Institute process for five (5) years to allow cultural change for growth.

 3.   Change decision-making from a top-down to bottom-up approach using participatory,       community-driven engagement.

 4.   Change economic development philosophy from recruiting companies to recruiting, welcoming, and integrating people.

 5.   Adopt civility resolutions at city, county, school boards.

 6.   Strong telecommunications support and access with active participation by Internet providers.

 7.   Three of the region’s larger businesses are willing to implement the Small Community processes within their company.

 8.   The school district as an active participant that allows student and staff professional development through Global Horizons.

 9.   The hospital/healthcare system as an active participant that allows staff development through Global Horizons.

10.   Invest time, energy, and resources to develop a cooperative, collaborative community spirit.

Communities need to be committed, not just interested in growing. That means doing whatever it takes, whatever is necessary to change. 

Communities that want to grow need to take a risk and find out what all of their community members think. I am not talking about just sending out a survey. I am talking about designing very specific public sessions so all people can come and voice their values-based opinions and then create processes that address community perceptions to turn around your decline. 

It is not easy for chamber of commerce, economic development leaders, or public officials to admit that their town is not a perfect place to live. But, if your community is brave enough to dig into your culture and find out the reasons why your community is not growing, you can turn around your trends to grow your population and create wealth. 

If you are committed to growing wealth in your community, we look forward to talking with you. Contact us now at kim@ghorizons.com!  Let's grow!