Disengaged Workers are Robbing Your Business.

In your workplace, if the environment is not right, your workforce is not productive and it is your managers who are the likely productivity killers. Not because they are wasteful with your product; it's because they are wasteful with your people.

American businesses are spending more than $300 billion on stress-related health issues. Your business can increase profit margins when you WUCA! 'ize your workplace environment.

In his book, The Coming Jobs War, Jim Clifton writes “Gallup has determined that 28% of the American workforce is ‘engaged,’ another 53% is ‘not engaged,’ and a staggering 19% is ‘actively disengaged.’"

He defines “engaged” workers as the best colleagues. "They cooperate to build your organization. They are the creative force behind everything good that happens in an organization. They are the only people in your organization who create new customers.

"Disengaged workers are just there, killing time with little or no concern about customers, productivity, profitability, waste, safety, mission and purpose of the teams, or developing customers. They’re thinking about lunch or their next break. They are essentially checked out. Most importantly, these people may not just be part of your support staff or sales team, they may sit on your executive committee.

"Actively disengaged workers are hostile, disruptive, troublemakers who are there to dismantle and destroy your company. They exhaust managers, have more on-the-job accidents and cause more quality defects. They contribute to ‘shrinkage’ – as theft is politely called. They are sick more often, miss more days, and quit at a higher rate than do engaged employees.

"Whatever the engaged do, the actively disengaged seek to undo, and that includes problem-solving, innovation, and finding new customers. When you’re in a meeting with nine other people, odds are that two of them are taking notes to make sure whatever you’re planning doesn't see the light of day."

Businesses, organizations, schools, communities, and families all need an environment that engages - and is enjoyable! We know how: learn the Be WUCA! Way. 

You can hire the best talent in the world, but if they aren't working to make you and your organization profitable, you have wasted your time and money.

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