Is Education Lacking Creativity?

Remember this phrase: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink?"

Try this one: "You can lead a student to school, but you can't make them think."  

Education still looks and sounds like this across much of the U.S.: "Go to this building, sit in this desk or chair, open this book, and take this test to see if you have learned anything." Is this at least some of the reason why boys and girls have a tough time thinking?

How can we expect the best education system in the world if we are doing it the same way we have done for 150+ years? Many schools I have observed, worked within and visited, will not try any innovative program  - change/transition - unless it has been researched and "proven" for maybe five or more years. 

So when a school says it is doing innovative methods, the method is already years old. How is that innovative? 

We believe people really don't mind change. It's transition that's tough. 

Business as School - because it is

Have you worked in a business, introduced a new concept or teaching method, or sat on a board of an organization who changed how they operate, but didn't address the culture before they changed? What was the outcome?

What can we achieve if we are open to operate differently - to allow and encourage imagination and new methods? 

Progress believes in "what-if-we-tried this now?" thinking.

For success,  when transitioning to new ways of doing, it's best to talk through what will or can happen to make the change positive and streamlined. Address all culture shifts when new ways are introduced with those affected. Change can be a lot more productive and even fun! 

At Global Horizons, we can help you with environmental shifts and innovation that include and build people, allowing your employees and staff to transition together, as the organization changes. 

Interested in a new model of education? We have one for an entrepreneurship school. Get in touch if you'd like to know more at 712-250-0275, USA.