Saturday Snippet

This is from Kim. Hello!

Thank the mice for this Saturday Snippet.

This week, the kitchen counter bore unmistakable evidence of small,furry, UNwanted guests in our home, prompting me to begin some long-overdue deep cleaning - you're welcome, children. I've started the purge.

Having always loved recipes, I have collected more in books, newspaper and magazine clippings, from family, friends and acquaintances who've generously shared their culinary delights than I'll ever live to cook. As I sorted through piles and piles of these forgotten treasures, amongst this morning's discoveries that fell to the floor is a reminder I jotted in some long-ago year on an itty bitty tear-off sheet from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (NO idea where that came from). I'll now re-write and hang for a daily reminder. May you be touched by its message and grace yourself to LIVE.


Let us be thankful for work we have done.

And let us be grateful for work put aside.

For work left undone speaks of choices, not neglect.

It tells of living fully, not of lonely shoulds.

Of catching unique moments in the lives of those who matter and focusing on what's important to us.


Take care. Be well. Be WUCA!