Quality of Life Triangle


    After 30 years of working with businesses, communities, chambers of commerce, economic development, and other organizations, it has become very clear to me what conditions need to be present in order for people to engage. 

    People need three elements present in any situation to be engaged in your business, school, community, church, or organization. Whether they are being paid or volunteering, it is the environment that you create that will engage people to act with you.

quality of life triangle jpg.jpg

    Each person is made up of the values with which they were raised and the accompanying sense of well-being. Our sense of well-being has three different components: the security we feel; the choices we feel we have; and the quality of life we perceive. These components rise from personal values we hold. If any one of these components is threatened, our sense of well-being is out of balance. When our sense of well-being is out of balance, we cannot move forward. We have to make sure as we build up people, they feel secure, they feel they have choices, and they feel their quality of life is intact.

    A perception is like railroad tracks: it creates a set direction for how you see the world. Everything you see, everything you do, everything you see in other people and situations is filtered through your perception. It becomes your reality.

    In order to understand how another person perceives reality, you have to understand how they grew up; their culture. You have to understand their personality and their current situation.

    In order to change your environment, first Learn The Be WUCA! Way process to change your environment. Second - Act what you have learned. You have to be the example. Third - Teach The Be WUCA! Way process and change your environment that will engage others.

    When you Learn, Act, and Teach The Be WUCA! process, you will change your world.