Reduce Costs Increase Profits

Here are some startling figures:

  • $300 Billion is spent every year on healthcare costs by American businesses due to employee stress-related illnesses.
  • According to Business News, a guide for start-up and small business, nearly half of all workers suffer from moderate to severe stress while on the job.
  • Sixty-six percent of employees report that they have difficulty focusing on tasks at work because of stress.

Stress in businesses is recognized by increased absenteeism, employees on-site but working below capacity, sick-time off, depression, concentration problems, human error, turnover problems, general dissent, as well as decreased employee satisfaction, resiliency, efficiency, and productivity.

Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization.

In just one area, employee health, it’s been shown repeatedly that high-stress employees have significantly higher rates of:

  • Heart and cardiovascular problems
  • Anxiety, depression and demoralization
  • Alcohol and prescription/over-the-counter drug abuse
  • Susceptibility to a wide range of infectious diseases
  • Back pain (up to threes times higher)
  • Repetitive strain injuries (up to 2.5 times higher)

So where is the stress coming from? A number of key workplace factors have been implicated in employee stress that employers can influence (notice that money is not on the list!):

  • Lack of influence over day-to-day work
  • Overload and time pressures
  • Lack of training and/or preparation
  • Too little or too much responsibility
  • Ambiguity in job responsibility
  • Discrimination & harassment
  • Poor communication
  • Poor management
  • Neglect of legal and safety obligations

To address these issues at work or other places, environment matters. The Be WUCA! Way identifies four components where people Welcome, Understand, Comfort, and Appreciate themselves and others. Here's what you can do where you are to create a profitable environment:

  1. Create a positive atmosphere – one where words matter and workers learn to take responsibility for their own results.
  2. Learn how to develop an active listening environment where you have value-based discussions.
  3. Target employee’s passions with the job assignment. Have employees work toward their vision of their future and develop goals to get there.
  4. Give huge amounts of appreciation to all where workers are not taken for granted and their work is meaningful.

Want to decrease your healthcare costs, raise productivity, reduce stress, and increase your bottom line? It might seem like this is just fluff stuff, but when you create a healthy environment with The Be WUCA! Way, you will transform your workplace, transform your employees and transform your bottom line.

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