Become a Be WUCA! Student - Move from average to outstanding!

If you are a student or you know a student who struggles in school, you will want to take action. Do you know you can transform from an average student “just getting by” to an outstanding student feeling really good about yourself? Want to know how? Answer these questions and you are on your way!

1)         How do you approach your school work?

2)         Do you dread the thought of having to labor through the day or the class, trying to understand what is going on and figure out what will be on the test?

One way to achieve the grade you want is to set your “Grade Goals” to receive the grade that you want at the end of each class, every test, and at the end of each grading period, like a semester or trimester.

Here is the process:

  • On the left side of a 3x5 index card or piece of paper, write the exact names of each of your classes you are taking.
  • On the right side, directly across from the class, write the grade you want, not the grade that you have, or the grade that you will settle for. You write down the grade that you want, with nothing lower than a “B” down as a goal. Do not sell yourself short or settle for average - you are an above-average person! Treat yourself that way!
  • Take your 3x5 index card and carry it with you at all times. Make many of them and post them in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, locker, in your car – anywhere you go!
  • Read your grade goals AT LEAST 3 times per day. Make sure two of the times are first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep at night.
  • Do your very best at the reading, homework assigned, tests given, and more!

You will be amazed at your progress if you follow these simple steps.

If you set your sights high and do the work, you will truly change your grades! Here’s the short of it:

  • Write the grade you want beside the name of the class.
  • Look at your goals at least 3 times per day.
  • Do all your assigned reading and work. And more than assigned is even better!
  • Believe that you will accomplish your goals. You will!

 Become a Be WUCA! student!

Move from average to outstanding!

Contact Kimberlee at Global Horizons,, to see how you or your student can become a Be WUCA! student. Ask us about the "5 Ways to "A's" - From Average to Outstanding" process for classroom mastery.

You will be surprised at the improvement that you will see.

Coaching in the Classroom - students at risk?

If you have a student in an Iowa public school, you'll be interested in following what we do with Coaching in the Classroom (CIC). If you don't live in Iowa, CIC concepts work anywhere! We have begun our third year working with 7th - 12th-graders in the Coon Rapids-Bayard School District. We'll use this CIC blog to give a weekly update of our activities, giving you conversation starters to consider implementing in your own homes with your own families and we bet you learn something about each other in the process!

Let's start with some basic info.

When a child begins kindergarten in Iowa, full of life, energy, ideas, and attitude, the school district, under direction from the Iowa Department of Education, begins to track their behaviors. Behaviors that we use from the DE are these: if students are tardy to school and/or class, have low scores on standardized tests like Iowa Test of Basic Skills, are failing any classes, and are not participating in extracurricular activities. If a student meets any two of these four criteria, the local school district and the DE consider them "at-risk" of not graduating on time with their class.

In the CR-B district, to uphold their mission to educate all students, high school students with at least two criteria become students of Coaching in the Classroom, where they have the opportunity to learn a host of concepts not regularly found in general classroom settings. We know that many students with whom we work are more "creative" in school, and tend to have a more difficult time being a successful student. They likely will be the students who either attend a two-year trade or community college program, or enter the workforce upon graduating from high school. These students will likely run our towns in rural areas someday. To encourage and engage them, CIC teaches workplace and social skills, leadership behaviors, character development, positive communication, and citizenship, expecting that they will be future mayors, sit on school boards, church committees, city councils and boards of supervisors.

Two critical things to keep in mind:

  • the local school district is not punishing the student by keeping track of them and their behaviors. In fact, watching students is an excellent way to encourage them to take school more seriously and encourage them to try new things.
  • whether or not a student is considered "at-risk" is completely within their own power to change. All that needs to be done is get to school and class on time. Take tests seriously and do their best. Study hard so they pass all their classes. Sign up for an activity to learn some teamwork or new skills. School officials look at behaviors each semester and if a student has changed their own behavior so that DE criteria no longer pertains to them, they are off the "at-risk" list.

Check with your school's office to see how your child measures up. Then take the opportunity to shape some successful behaviors with your student. If you need some help, let us know!

Have a Be WUCA!(c) week!