Choose Your Portal

I was watching my nephews play a video game over the weekend and I started to reflect upon what I did learn. (Yes, you can learn something from a video game.) Every time they wanted to get to a different level to get a prize that would give them more points and chances to get to a higher level, they had to create a portal in a wall.

A portal is the path or, the hole, they create to get them through a wall. It's like a door, except it can be created anywhere.

So now I am thinking of decisions as portals that get us to a different level of life. Every decision holds an infinite number of possibilities in front of us. Whether a decision is big or small, either will change our life. Maybe even determine our future.

Think about a decision that you recently have made. What has happened to you because of that decision?

Who have you met? Who has been in your life? What have been the financial effects? Are you better off or worse off?

What was the greatest lesson you learned from that decision? What relationship did that decision improve? Would you make that decision again?

Each choice we make takes us through a portal. Sometimes we don't know what's on the other side when we enter. Some choices turn out the way that we'd would like them to turn out and some don’t. Some choices are good. Some are not.

The portals we choose to walk through can have long-lasting outcomes for us and the rest of the world. When we make them, we do know if it's a moral decision, sending us down a path that affects other people, areas of our life, other events that happen in the world, and we have to live with the outcome.

What would have happened if Mr. Washington never met the future Mrs. Washington? George would not have ever come into existence.

What would the world be like if Bill Gates had decided it was too hard to try and sell this idea of a computer in every house because IBM said there was no need for every household to own a computer?

How about Walt Disney giving up because he had dyslexia?

Marianne Williamson said, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission to other people to do the same.”

Making good choices is lifelong. Listen to advice, but choose your own portal. You will change the world, depending upon the portal you create.

Remember The Be WUCA! Way formula to drive your CAR: C + A = R.

Your Circumstances + Your Actions = Your Results

Portals are choices for us and the world. Let your light shine!