The Key to Success: Relationships

Starting a new school year? Job? Awesome career transition? Move to a new town? 

Let me give you some helpful hints.

Everything you do for the rest of your life will involve relationships in every aspect or your life: family, work, teachers, volunteer, and even with yourself. The relationships you build will determine ALL your successes and ALL your failures.

I only teach attitude and how to create and build great relationships. I don't teach reading, writing, or math. Those are skills you can learn from YouTube.

If any relationship you are in is not going the way you want, you can be certain you are compounding the problem by continuing to give energy, focus and attention to the actions you dislike or don’t want. When you say, "I don’t get along with my parents," or teachers, or someone with whom you work, you define the relationship in terms of what you dislike. When your thoughts and words are on what you don’t want, it will continue to be the story of the relationship. If you want the relationship to improve, focus your energy on what you love about it and what you want it to be like.

So, as you head back to school or a great new career move, or your newest job, try these to create meaning in your life.


  • All your actions determine your results. Don’t blame others for what happens in your life or how your life ends up. It is how you respond to others that create your circumstances. The words you use govern how you perceive the world you live in and how the world perceives you.


  • Actively listen to understand the other person, not just wait to talkListen to their stories. Look them in the eyes. Listen for their experience and wisdom. You don't know it all.  Ask more questions about others and tell less about yourself.

Be True to Who You Really Are.

  • Explore your passions. Don’t allow others to dictate who you should be and what you should do.
  • Find your purpose and determine your “Why.” You were put on this Earth for a reason, so keep true to yourself. Create in your mind a clear picture of the future you wish to live. A vision is a strong force to allow you to become who you are.
  • Make clear, SMART goals as stepping stones to your vision- goals that are specific, manageable, attainable, realistic, and timely. When you follow your dream, have a passion/desire, and you embed it in your heart, you create a happy, satisfying life worth living.

Express Gratitude.

  • Appreciate everybody who comes into your life - good or bad. They're with you for a reason, so be thankful for the lessons you learn from them.
  • Forgive anybody who has harmed you in any way. Hanging on to "what they did," and trying to "get back at them" only gives them power and control over you.
  • Write a Living Eulogy for those in your life you love and hate. Let go of the past and always take the opportunity to tell someone what they mean to you when you can. "Someday" may be too late.

Live a life where you keep learning. 

Live a life so when people ask you how you are, you can say, “I am better than I used to be.”

Above all else, live a life that builds people up.

Go make a great life.