What the World of Work Wants for Students, Faculty, & Staff

When the student understands how their school work is relevant to what is required in the workplace, they can adjust their attitude and actions. When students in a rural Iowa school implemented WUCA!, the at-risk population plummeted from 41% to 12% in three years.

Employers consistently report dissatisfaction with many job candidates they see, particularly those for entry-level positions. Many of those habits and attitudes are formed by the student while in school. Global Horizons’ connection between classroom learning and workplace skills is critical because habits developed throughout school transfer to careers. What the World of Work Wants attaches classroom learning to workplace goals by measuring student performance with employer standards:

  • Student attendance & punctuality. Employers want employees to show up on time, ready to work.

  • Grades. Employers will reward “A” quality work with promotions and raises. An employee may keep their job doing “C” work, but only maintain their current position. Less than “C” work could cost an employee their job.

  • Standardized tests. Employers will measure performance through evaluations at least once, if not twice, per year.

  • Participation in extracurricular activities. Employers want employees to know how to “play well” with others. It’s imperative that employees know how to operate with a team structure.