Why Would We Believe News Reporters?

“I should emphasize that motivational, self-help jargon is Kryptonite to most journalists. We prefer statistics and skepticism." Kyle Munson, reporter, Des Moines Register.

This quote is from a reporter who wrote about a presentation I gave to a group of people looking to change a culture that produced their population decline.

Given this reporter's frame of mind, it becomes clear why more people are getting skeptical on what to do to change situations, whether it be your company culture, education, families, or community. 

When you read or listen to news, and the comments reflect how the reporter has been trained, I  begin to understand why we are losing creativity and civility in this world.

What has happened to open-mindedness and creativity? People believe news opinions when the news agrees with their own values and beliefs. No wonder we are in such dire conditions. 

Do you know that more than 75% of all the information we take in during the day is negative? So when you spend a good amount of your day listening to and reading negativity and skepticism from the people that frame what you hear and how you hear it, your mental attitude is affected.

We are becoming a society of followers and conformers. As well as stress-related prescription drug users. 

Plasticity describes how your brain is easily shaped and molded. Your neurons are constantly letting go of connections that have not been used in a while and creating new ones. Thus creating new habits and beliefs. When you read or hear news reports, and how reporters view issues, I better understand why we are losing creativity and civility in this world. I do not want to color my belief system from someone that looks at information with skepticism right off the bat. I want to view a possibility and say, "Wow! That just might be what we need to do to change the situation that we’re in!"

This is why breaking a habit is so hard. Our brain neurons make connections the more we do and believe what is being said. If we start to believe something - anything - you act upon your beliefs.

So limit what you read, look forward to the possibility, and let go of the past. But above all, support creativity and hope.

And don't let anyone tell you how to view the world. Find out for yourself.